Some of the services we provide
We have a variety of inventory in African Jewelry. Those we do not have in our inventory we make
or order from Africa.

We also have a variety of inventory in African clothes and modern African head scarves. If they
are not in our inventory we order them for you.
            Outfits for women, men and children
            High quality lace fabrics
            Quality African fashion fabric
            African style hats and various accessories

            Nigerian and African movie sales
            Nigerian and African movie rentals

            Shoes
            Handbag
            International phones cards

Hair Service
            Exquisite hair braiding and design:
            Tanzanians
            Dread locks
            Corn row
            Ken-ken
            Twists
            Box braids
            And many more

Food Service
We have a wide variety of African food that will make you feel at home.  From pounded yam to as
little as curry. Yam to Ogbono, just name it, if we don’t have it we sure can get it.
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